Mistakes and Mindset

I love when my education worlds collide!  This weekend, I worked on session 3 of #HowToLearnMath, which is "Mistakes and Persistence," I finished chapter 5 of Embedded Formative Assessment, which is all about providing feedback, and I created something for our new teachers to introduce them to our school's path to differentiation...and all 3 of these projects involved mindset!  

For those participating in the course, or if you recently studied Carol Dweck's work, do you hear and see the word mindset everywhere you turn?  (I do!)  During the past two years, I talked to my students a bit about the brain research, the importance of making mistakes, and how to foster a growth mindset, but I need to do much, much more.  One of the questions in #HowToLearnMath asked what should a failure/mistake poster say, and we talked about that same idea in an #efamath discussion.  Since I am a floater teacher, the wise @druinok suggested a power point, rather than a poster, so that's what I did.

Since there has been so much talk about mindset, mistakes, and failure, I found great quotes to create the presentation embedded below.   Several of the images came from Krissy Venosdale's wonderful site of free posters.  I found a few other posters on Live Life Happy, and several quotes came from this post on the Practical Savvy blog.  I plan to show this slideshow to my classes during passing periods or during other transitions, and I want to ask my students to contribute their favorite quotes about mindset, mistakes, and failures.

If interested, feel free to use/modify the presentation.  I believe you can download the presentation as a power point, but I doubt all of the fonts will transfer.  If you prefer, I can share the Google doc with you.

Larry Ferlazzo's blog contains countless ideas on motivation, mindset and learning from mistakes and failures, so if you would like additional videos, articles, or studies, you will certainly find them in his many lists of resources.

It has been a great summer of learning, and I am looking forward to sharing everything with our teachers and students!  What will you share with your students about mindset and mistakes?