About This Blog

In early 2012, I attended a district staff development on blogging in the classroom, and that evening I created my first blog.  My class blog was a positive experience, so I expanded to a teacher/instructional blog.  I kept finding ideas that I wanted to share with teachers, so with a bit of free time during that summer (and inspiration from amazing math teachers on Twitter) I created this blog with our faculty as the intended audience.  There are so many amazing things around--online and in classrooms--and I want to share all of it so this blog includes a little bit of technology, some personal reflections, and a lot of best instructional practices.

I transitioned to a new role in the summer of 2015, so now the audience is a bit broader, but the ideas and intentions are the same...learning, sharing, and growing.

The opinions shared here are entirely my own...based on 25 years in secondary classrooms and now with 5 years of sharing work as a Digital Learning Consultant.