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Updated 6/16/2018

It's almost my third anniversary as a Digital Learning Consultant, and I couldn't be happier! I still miss my former district (when you've been in one location for 25 years, that's bound to happen) but I continue to enjoy learning and growing professionally.

What's on my mind?
  • Our team continues to improve our podcast skills, and that has been a wonderful new adventure. (Check out @DigLearnRadio to hear our latest episode.) 
  • #Botjoy is a hit around the area, and interviewing Gary Hirsch (Joy Bot artist) was a highlight of my spring. 
  • We continue to try ways to transform professional development. I'm now piloting our online book study over The New Pillars of Modern Teaching with a local junior high faculty. (Check out this related blog post.) 
  • I'm still exploring ways technology can amplify our tried-and-true teaching strategies, such as the Thinking Routines and Marzano's strategies. (See this post for examples.) I created PD sessions around these ideas, and so far, these are my favorite summer sessions.
  • I continue to explore design thinking and how that relates to technology integration, working with teachers and instructional coaches.
  • Tony Vincent's #ClassyGraphics and #ClassyVideos online courses rank at the top of my recent learning experiences. The design of his classes matches my learning preferences, and I use so much of what I learned from him in the design of my own online work.

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