My Motivation to MoveIt!

I just saw this post on Teacher Tech, and MOVEIT is now my new favorite Chrome extension!  During the past week, I have spent way too much time sitting at my computer, and this extension reminds me to jump up and get moving.  You may choose an interval of time (15 minutes to 55 minutes) and at your chosen interval, you get a pop-up reminder on your computer to take a short brain and exercise break.  

The exercise breaks have been things like hop on your left and then right foot for 15 seconds, jab or punch the air for a count of 10, run in place for 15 seconds, and touch your left foot with your right hand, then alternate and repeat 10 times.  

When I have been on long grading stretches, I have tried the "Pomodoro Technique," where if you work for 25 minutes and then take a brief break, you supposedly increase your productivity.  (It seems to work for me!)  I love the addition of the bit of physical exercise, which the MOVEIT extension provides.

With students, we hear about the 10/2 strategy, which encourages us to teach in chunks of 10 minutes, and then allow students to process and reflect for 2 minutes.  I started using this strategy with my ESL students, but now I try to allow chunk and process time in my classes and in my staff development presentations.

I've just had the MOVEIT extension installed for a few hours, and I have enjoyed every little opportunity to get moving.  I wonder if I could incorporate the quick exercise breaks into our long days of staff development?  Does anyone else have moving breaks during professional development?

Time to get moving!

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