#tlap GPS

Last summer, I loved reading Dave Burgess' Teach Like a Pirate, and I keep re-reading parts of it to get re-inspired.  Earlier this summer, he issued a "challenge" for teachers to create their own personal GPS, and I've spent a couple weeks tweaking my words.  (I love this idea so much that we're even adding it to our agenda for our new teachers!  Can I do so same thing for my classes and my students?)  

I'm trying to think about my job as a teacher and as an Instructional Specialist, and as of today, I think I have my words.

By the end of the year, I want others (students and teachers) to feel...
  • safe,
  • inspired,
  • challenged, and
  • accomplished,
  • all in a manner that is different from other classes or meetings.

This activity also reminds me of one of my favorite end of year assignment, which is to have my students create Six Word Memoirs, an idea I took from Math Teacher Mambo.  I haven't compiled all of my pictures from this year, but their work was even more creative.  I created my first six word memoir while actively monitoring an AP test, and I think it captures both my math teacher job and Instructional Specialist job: 
I love to help find solutions. 

Did you participate in the #tlap GPS?   Do you have your students write goals for the year?

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