Excited About 2016!

I considered at least 5 different E words for my alphabet #ReflectiveTeacher blogging challenge, but when I read these reflections on one of my favorite math blogs, Algebra's Friend, her quote and a resolution to "Enjoy the Ride" struck me as a great goal for the year...so Beth, thanks for the inspiration!

2015 was a sine wave for me, and it was full of ups and downs. Since starting the new job in July, however, I have been on the "up" side of everything, and I must remember to keep this positivity and gratitude in the forefront of my mind! I am grateful for so many aspects of my new job, so whenever I have a bit of doubt creep into my head, I must remember all of the blessings of my new career. The biggest change for me: I used to be the person who knew all of the answers and who was involved in everything...but now I am the new person who has all of the questions! It didn't take me long to realize that there is so much that I do not know. But that leads me to the great slogan because I love learning (as we all do) so I just need to enjoy the ride.

  • Enjoy learning about new web resources, apps, and other technologies.
  • Enjoy working solely with adult learners.
  • Enjoy understanding the hierarchies of a region of educators, rather than a single district.
  • Enjoy meeting new people, but also enjoy keeping up with old friends.
  • (Continue) to enjoy learning from others.
I'm excited about the new year, new adventures, and a lot of new learning. By the way, I couldn't decide on #oneword for this year, so I have two other mottos to go with "Enjoy the Ride."

First, my dad is a huge fan of the Life is Good t-shirts and company, so I'm borrowing that phrase for one theme of the year. My other idea is a theme song, "A New Day for You," the 1987 Basia version. (Anyone else know that song? I'm definitely showing my age!)

Here's to a very happy 2016!
It's a new day for you, and life is good, so enjoy the ride.
Always learning.